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In this post, I will tell you about my complement for people that were helping me when I got an accident. It's so memorable and unforgetable for me.

About 5 months ago, at that time, I was running on the stairs with my friends to leave my other friend (Yes I know it's bad. Maybe this bad idea that made me got this accident hehe).

While in the middle of running on the stairs, suddenly my foot sprained and caused a sound kinda like a broken bone. That was so sick. I can even explain how was the pain. I couldn't bear the pain and I wasn't strong enough to walk or just step my feet on the ground. My friends laughed at me because of that.

In the midst of that such tremendous pain, someone came to help me to walk. That person is Reina. She is in the same school as me but in the different class. She really sincerely helped me and I'm very grateful to be helped by her.

Besides Reina, I also want to compose to my friends who helped me when I fell at that time. Although they laughed at me first to help me, but yes, still, without them, I might walk on my own to endure the pain and feel the pain alone. So, I'm still grateful to be helped by all of them.

Thanks to Reina and all of my friends that laughed at me :)

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017


When you hear about the word ‘nature’, what do you think about it? It is important for you? I believe that nature is very important for us because it is everything that was put on this earth that has so many impacts for us to live well as living beings which is always in need of food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. That’s all we get from nature.

There’s an article that says, “Earth is so large, that even if humans destroy ourselves and the most other life forms, there will still be nature. The soil, oceans, atmosphere, and weather would still be interact with solar power to allow some life to exist. Earth can’t be a barren place like moon. It can be if the planet destroy itself.”

Nature is our home and that’s why we have to take care of it. But nowadays, most of people in this world like to destroy their home rather than keep it save from danger and extinction. Why? It’s all because nature has everything that we didn’t have. People like to cut down the trees carelessly, throw away the rubbish everywhere, use motor vehicles and produce more pollutions, and use unimportant things for personal use and make nature in danger.

Is there any impact that we get from cutting down the trees? Do we live more comfortable when we littering everywhere? No. It all just makes us suffer with the state of dangerous environment due to ourselves. All this time, maybe we think it all save because we didn’t feel any wrong. But do we realize that this planet are getting barren and barren every time, even every second? There’s a lot of disaster that happen.

What can we learn from nature? Obviously, there are many things that we can learn. Let nature be our teacher and get everything over it. Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent school masters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

Hello! Thanks for reading my essay. Hopefully it’s helpful for you all. Have a nice day :)

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Okay, I don't wanna share my story or another interesting thing to tell you all. But now, we're just gonna play a game! Let's make fun with our brain!

The game is named CROSS WORD PUZZLE. This game was made by me and my friend. So, sorry if there's mistake or anything that inappropriate hehe. I hope you can answer all the questions correctly and all of the boxes is filled without any misses. Good luck! Haha.


1.   Apes that inhabit the forests of Central Africa
2.   Synonym of 'germinate'
3.   The years of person's age from 13 to 19
4.   Adult human male
5.   Immoral act that transgest against divine law
6.   Abbreviation of ounces
7.   Awful
8.   Red, green. yellow, blue. purple
9.   End of life
10. Badly behaved
11. The day before an event
12. Abbreviation of favourite

1.   Brave
2.   A group
3.   An opening in the wall
4.   The pointed or rounded end of something
5.   Prison
6.   Enter
7.   The appreciation of beauty
8.   A place where bread and cakes are made
9.   Part of the forest
10. Ramen
11. A piece of hair that brushed upward and backward from the foreword (esp. man)
12. Out
13. I


Hi everybody! Finally I'm back in this blog. I wanna share my story about DEWA ATHENA.

Do you guys know what is Dewa Athena? So, Dewa Athena is a sport day sport competition interclass that held by my school, SMAN 3 Bandung. This year, Dewa Athena is held on March 25th and April 1th. The competitions that held in Dewa Athena this year is quiet diverse, start from football, basketball, dodgeball, relay race, etc. But unfortunately, because my leg still convalescing from the accidents yesterday (I can't share about this cause this such a long story), I haven't been able to join any competition. So, I just be a supporter.

'Cause I just be a supporter, I have not much and interesting story I can tell about Dewa Athena. Simply, I just came to Lapangan Bali, watched my friends playing, talking with my other friends, and then home. It's just like what the freaking aim I went to Dewa Athena, but okay, the important thing is to keep spirit.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that in Dewa Athena, we have to make different jersey every classes. My jersey seems like the uniform that is woren by baseball's athlete. Every student have their own number on the back of the jersey. My number is '09'. Actually, I want '21' but it had already taken by another student so yea.

My story about Dewa Athena is just that. Sorry for the mistakes. I'll try to be better and better. Thankyou for reading. See you on the next post! Bye! Have a great blessed day everyone:)

P. S: Sorry I can't post any photos because of technical error:(

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Hello everyone!
Merry belated christmas and happy new year 2017!

Today I finally go to school after almost one month of holiday. I'm not too excited to come back to school because I think that whole days aren't enough for me. Almost one month but it felt like just some days. Every students must be say the same as me. But my holiday experience wasn't that boring. I enjoyed my holiday. So, now I wanna share to you about how was my holiday.

Actually, the holiday time of my school started from December 25th, 2016 but on December 17th, 2016, me, my little sisters, and my mother have already started the holiday. We went to Medan by plane. It was already night when we arrived at Medan so we stayed at Grand Antares Hotel.

The next day, we went to my grandparents' house. Everytime there are my family who go to Medan, we always stay at that house. Because it still not holiday at that time, nobody was there. So, me, sisters, and mom decided to go to Centre Point Mall. We didn't know anything about the street in Medan, so we looked for GPS to go to the mall. It was better to go outside than stay at hotel whole day. That must be so boring. At the mall, we were looking around and had dinner together. Then, we came back to hotel and took a rest.

From the next day until December 27th, 2016, we just gathered with family and sometimes went to the mall. So I don't wanna explain it one by one because it will take such a long time to retell about that.

Continue to December 28th, 2016, that day was my cousin's wedding day. We woke up early to dressed up everything. After everything was ready, we went to church. Then, we went to the wedding building that already full of people there. The wedding event ended on evening. After it had already finished, me, sisters, and mom came back to the hotel to took a rest.

On December 29th, 2016, me and my big family have a trip to Samosir Island by 5 cars. Before that, we visited my grandparents' cemetery. It was already become our tradition for the end of the year. After a long trip, we finally arrived at the hotel in Samosir Island on December 31th, 2016. We prepared everything to celebrate the coming new year. During the time to the new year, we were grilling porks and fish, singing together, and laughing together. And when 2017 came, we gathered together in the hotel. Then, we played fireworks together happily.

On the first January, we went to Tuk Tuk to bought goods and then we went back to Medan by cars. Before that, we took some rest at cousin's house in Balige. The next day in Balige, we went to Bul Bul Beach. Then, we continued our trip to Medan. We arrived at Medan on January 4th, 2016 on early morning. So we decided to take a rest again after a long trip. On that day, me, my little sister, brother, and cousins went to Palladium Mall to watched a movie and played at Escape Plan. It was so exciting.

The next day, me, sisters, brother, mom, and dad came back to Bandung by plane. When we arrived, we had a lunch at Solaria and then came home by 2 taxis.

Next day until the day before came back to school, I only stayed at home.

So, it was my holiday experience in Medan, Balige, and Samosir Island. Thanyou for reading!

Minggu, 06 November 2016


Hi, everyone!
Now, I want to tell you about someone's biography. Someone that has an influence for everyone around her. She is an amazing woman from Indonesia, Merry Riana.
"Dreams of a Million Dollars" is an inspirational book that written by Merry Riana. Merry Riana is one of the most successful enterpreneur and motivator from Indonesia. She also become the number one's  Speaker, Trainer and  Motivator Woman in Asia. 

 Merry Riana was born on May 29th, 1980 in Jakarta and grew up in a modest family. Her father's name is Ir. Suanto Sosrosaputro. He is a businessman. Her mother's name is Lynda Sanian. She is a housewife. She was the eldest of her three brothers. 

The journey of her life in Singapore started when there was an incident on 1998. She studied in Department of electrical engineering of Trisakti University .But because of the incident, she then chose College in Singapore to avoid unwanted things. Merry's father decided to send his daughter to study abroad. And at that time, singapore is a right choice because the distance is relatively close, it has safe environment and a good education system.

Start classes at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
Merry began studying at College in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 1998.Merry wanted to become an engineer. That may be because she wanted to help her father in running the business. Without enough preparation for College in a foreign country, Merry had failed in United Kingdom language tests in Nanyang Technological University. Without preparation to prepare adequate funds, Merry borrowed funds from the Government of Singapore. She borrowed the funds a scholarship Government Singapore Bank for $ 40000 and should be repaid after graduation.

She only had $ 10 during a week. These funds are extremely minimal. So, to downsize, Merry only eating instant noodles in the morning, lunch with 2 pieces of bread without jam, participated in seminars and gatherings in the evenings for the sake of a free meal, even for a drink she took from tap water in her campus. It fade almost daily in his first year of College. The biggest concern of her life at that time was how to seek income beyond. She became a part time worker to hand out pamphlets on the street, being the keeper of a flower shop, and became a waiter in the hotel's Banquet.

When realizing her life not changed even though it has entered the second year of College, Merry began building a dream.
I make resolutions when the 20th anniversary. I have to have financial freedom before the age of 30. In other words, people should be so successful. The lowest point in my life makes me want to realize the dream. - Merry Riana.
Because it had no educational background and business experience before, Merry gathering information by following the seminar and immerse herself in the Student Affairs Organization related to the business world.

The Struggle In Doing Business
With not enough business experience and knowledge, Merry entered the business world. she did it because she knew that having a regular job is not enough to fulfill her dream of success in the age of 30. She tried various business opportunities and try her luck with the thesis business, MLM business, try playing the stocks. All of them ended in failure. Merry also tried to practice with dive into multi level marketing despite the loss eventually 200 dollars. Merry lost 10000 dollar  when turning the money in the stock business. Mental illness had fallen though in such conditions, Merry lost all its investments and slumped. Even so, Merry rose up and tried hard to become an entrepreneur. Merry start trying from the beginning by studying in earnest about the ins and outs of the market. Once ready, she decided to study in financial planning industry. Merry thought that's the thing that will make it capable of realizing her dream in a relatively short time.

When she finished her college, along with his friend Tjenderasa who is Alva when in college then and now her husband, the two of them started working together, learning from the experience of successful entrepreneurs, Merry Riana then start from the sales sector in the field of financial services. When Merry began her career as a financial advisor, she must grapple with a host of challenges and obstacles. His parents, professors as well as his friends is less agreed with the decision of hers. Merry did not have the capability of Mandarin where as more than half of the population of Singapore is Chinese ethnic. As a foreigners there, experience and relationships Merry is very limited. However, one of the reasons that make Merry relentlessness is a young age and still single so that she feels freer and more risk-taking. Without feeling overly burdened with the possibility of having to fail or succeed, Merry prefers to focus on the experiences and the lessons she could get during the early phases of his career. But Merry strengthens already. He worked 14 hours a day, standing near the MRT station & bus stops to offer insurance, even he worked till midnight and just got home at 2 in the morning, not to mention an uncertain income make it was forced to return

Success As A Financial Consultant
Until the end he success as Financial Consultant selling financial products such as insurance, banking and credit card deposit., savings, etc. In the first six months of his career at Prudential, Merry managed to pay off his debts by 40 thousand Singapore dollars, and exactly one his first year he successfully earning amounting to 200 Thousand Dollar Singapore or 1.5 Billion Rupiah. Merry Riana is then given a New Advisor Award for top line many people working in the profession of financial advisers in 2003, Then in 2004, the brilliant achievements of the Merry making it promoted as Manager. Merry and then started his own business after was appointed manager by renting an Office and have the employee himself then he established the MRO (Merry Riana Organization) a financial services company he founded MRO Consultancy operating in the field of training, motvasi and printing of books based in Singapore. Together with his team in MRO, Merry has programs empowering women and young children. Members of his team at the Agency is in fact belongs to the young, aged 20-30 years. "I want to accommodate young people who have the ambition and passion like me," he said.

Her desire to share it not only performed in Singapore. At the 30th birthday, Merry making new resolutions, that gives a positive impact on one million people in Asia, especially in his homeland, Indonesia. In 2005, Merry received the award as the Top Agency of the Year Award and Top Rookie Agency. Up to now the Merry has motivated and trained thousands of executives and professionals in the fields of sales, marketing and motivation. In his company, consisting of 40 financial advisers Merry, who uniquely has a still young age (between 21-30 years).

With success stories and preaching in droves soon Merry Riana is known as a successful woman entrepreneur and be a motivator to sharing knowledge and success tips that everyone be successful individuals. Now, Merry Riana has a dream to provide a positive impact for 1 million people in Asia, especially in Indonesia. One of them by launching the book "dreams of a million Dollars" which is very inspiring and will be appointed to the big screen.

Merry States that his motivation is not only comes from a desire to provide better lives on her parents but also from his ambition to help the younger generation to do similar things. He hopes the youths were able to give a better life, not only for themselves but also for their parents and other family members.

The book " dreams of a million Dollars " itself has become a National Bestseller in just over a month after its launch. The book drew public attention Singapore and Southeast Asia due to write about achievements of Merry Riana generate S $ 1,000,000 at 26 years old, originally, Merry Riana is a Coed Nanyang Technological University which owed as much as S $ 40000. Profile Merry Riana's success began to be known after appearing on the article The Strait Times on 26 January 2007, entitled "she's made her first million at just age 26" ("he reached a million dollars in his first 26 years old"). Merry Riana is active as a speaker at various seminars, company, school and mass media in Singapore and several other countries in Southeast Asia. He is active in utilizing the social networking Twitter account via twitter in @MerryRiana

Motivational words from Merry Riana
  • Positive thinking is a job that is easy, all you need is ' don't think negative. '
  • Life is like riding a bicycle. We will continue to advance, as long as we are still pressing on the pedals.
  • Changed before the change that will force you.
  • Life may be full of problems. But as long as you provide the best & continue to pray, everything will be beautiful in time.
  • Give a your sweetest smile even  your heart hurt at the moment though, at least you can still be happy people in the round.
  • Do yourself a favor and his goodness will be increasingly felt.
  • Don't just settle so spectators and commentators. Be the Director and cast.
  • The OPPORTUNITY is already a long wait ahead of us. Fast moving, before everyone else comes to pick him up.
  • Pleasure & suffering is only temporary. Don't be swayed by temporary pleasures do not give up because of the suffering in the meantime.
  • If we wait until all the circumstances already perfect recently we take action, it may be his chance was gone.
  • If we guilty on other people admit mistakes and apologize. If others guilty in us: hear and forgive.
  • Don't underestimate the little things. Great things can only be achieved by reaching the little things first.
That's a biography of the amazing women from Indonesia, Merry Riana. I hope we can learn many thing from her story and it can motivated ourselves to be better person in the future. Thank you and see you in the next post.

Source : http://www.intisaribiografi.com/2015/12/biography-of-merry-riana-most.html

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Hey guys!

Today me and my friends are disscussing about story telling for English assignment. We are discussing about 4 different moral stories. I will tell you the moral value of all the stories.


Source : Google Images
In a faraway land named Bookville there was a library, but it was not a normal library it was a floating library! Many people came to the library on boats and cars. Hundreds of people filled the library everyday. At night a little mouse named Sam came out and took papers from the librarians desk, and took them into his hole. He had written books for his whole life, but he had never shown them to anyone. Sams whole room was filled with books. The only furniture he had was a desk, a chair, a fridge, and a bed.
One day Sam thought he should show his books to everyone. He made up his mind and the next day he put the books in the shelves where they belonged. A few minutes later a child found one of Sams small books. She took the book to the librarians desk and asked her, Who wrote the book? The librarian said, I do not know who wrote this book, but I can hang a poster asking who wrote the books.
The next day the librarian hung a poster saying: Who has been writing small books? If you are the author please come to the librarians desk. That night when Sam came out to put his books in the shelves he saw the poster and read it. He finally decided to come out the next day. He came to the librarians desk the next day and told the librarian he was the author of the small books. The librarian was very proud of Sam. She told him she would tell him a big surprise the next day. The next day Sam came back to the librarians desk and asked the librarian, Can you tell the big surprise? She told Sam that she was going to open a small class called Little Authors. Sam was going to help children write their own books! The next day the class opened and many kids came. There were twenty kids and Sam helped all of them!

Moral value :
Never be shy and try to face your fears.


Source : Google Images
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. One of them built his house with straw while another built his house with sticks. Both of them built their houses very quickly. Then they sang and danced and played all day because they were lazy. But the third little pig was a hard worker. He worked hard all day and built a house with bricks.
One day, a big bad wolf saw the two little pigs while they were dancing and playing and thought what a tasty meal they will make. The wolf chased the two pigs. They ran and hid in their houses. The wolf first went to the house made of straw. He huffed and puffed and blew the house down in minutes. The frightened owner ran into his brother’s house that was made of sticks. The wolf now came to this house and huffed and puffed again and blew the house down in hardly any time. Now, the two homeless pigs were scared stiff and ran to the third pig’s house which was made of bricks.
The wolf tried to huff and puff and blow the third house down, but he could not. The poor wolf kept trying for hours and hours but the brick house was very strong, and the three little pigs were safe inside. Then the wolf tried to enter through the chimney, but the wise little pig boiled a big pot of water and kept it below the chimney. The big bad wolf fell into the boiling water and died.

The two little pigs now regretted being so lazy. They also built new houses with bricks and lived happily ever after.
Moral value :
Hard work and perseverance pay off at the end.


Source : Google Images
Jack is a poor young boy living with his mother. Their only source of income was their dairy cow. When the cow stopped giving milk, Jack’s mother tells him to take it to the market to sell. On the way, Jack meets an old man who offers magic beans in exchange for the cow, and Jack accepts the trade.
When Jack returns home, his mother is very angry because they have lost their only cow for a few beans. She throws the beans out the window. The beans began to grow straight up into the sky, so Jack climbs the beanstalk hoping to find good luck at the top.
Jack finds an enormous castle at the top owned by a giant. When the giant falls asleep, he steals a bag of gold coins and escapes down the beanstalk. When they have spent the gold coins, Jack climbs the beanstalk twice more, he second time he steals a goose that lays golden eggs. The third time, Jack steals a harp that plays by itself. But this time, the giant wakes up as Jack is making his escape and follows him down the beanstalk. Jack shouts asking his mother to bring the axe and cuts the beanstalk, causing the giant to fall to his death.  Then Jack and his mother live happily ever after.
Moral value:
Take advantage of the opportunities that life provides.


Source : Google Images

One day a Lion slept in the jungle. A tiny Mouse, ran over the Lion's head and down his nose. The Lion awoke with a loud roar. He was very angry. His paw caught the little Mouse.

 The Lion opened his huge jaws to swallow the Mouse"Pardon me, O King, I beg of you," cried the frightened Mouse. "If you forgive me this time, I will never forget your kindness. I meant no harm and I certainly didn't want to disturb Your Majesty. If you let me stay alive,  I can do you a good turn, too.“The Lion began to laugh, and he laughed and laughed. "How could a tiny creature like you ever do anything to help me? And he shook with laughter."Oh well," he shrugged, looking down at the frightened Mouse, “You're not so much of a meal anyway." Then, he released his paw from the Mouse and the Mouse quickly ran away. Some time after this, some hunters, trying to capture the Lion alive. They set up rope nets in the jungle. The Lion fell into the trap. He roared and thrashed.The unhappy Lion feared he could never escape, and her roared pitifully. His thunderous bellows echoed through the Jungle. The tiny Mouse heard the Lion's roars. "That may be there very Lion who once freed me," he said, remembering his promise. And he ran to see whether he could help.

Discovering the sad Lion was in, the Mouse said to him, "Stop, stop! You must not roar. If you make so much noise, the hunters will come and capture you . I'll get you out of this trap."With his sharp little teeth the Mouse gnawed at the ropes until they broke. When the Lion stepped out of the net and was free, the Mouse said, "Now, was I not right?""Thank you, good Mouse," said the Lion gently. "You did help me even though I am big and you are so little. I see now that kindness is always worth while."

Moral value :
Little friends may prove to be great friends.
Good things come in small packages.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

p.s. if you open this post in your phone, the white background will appear:( there was a technical mistake that I made and until now I can't fix that:( I'm so sorry for you all who read this post in your phone:"(